When’s Book 7 coming? Umm . . .

This is what I published on my “When’s the next book being released” page:

When’s the next book being released?!

How about OCTOBER 2017? I’ve been tinkering with this one (and Book 8) for about five years now, and they’re rarin’ to go! I’ll keep you updated with teasers and the book cover soon, but until then . . . hey, it’s not too far out!

So, the above didn’t happen, obviously. Book 7 is ready–fully edited and rarin’ to go. But since this is a one-woman production, this “one woman” is responsible for formatting and cover creation, then review of the printed product, then revisions . . . all of that takes about 24-36 hours of work.

Hours I don’t have.

Because I’m teaching high school full-time, I find myself doing 3-4 hours of homework each night to be prepared for the next day. (More homework than my students will ever do; something’s unbalanced here.) That leaves me just enough time to feed my family and give them a hug goodnight before I fall asleep at 9pm. (I used to do my best work from 10pm–11:30pm.)

I’m hoping Christmas vacation may offer me the time I need to polish up Soldier in the Middle of the World. In the meantime, other priorities are keeping me from sharing Young Pere and Perrin and Mahrree with you. We all feel badly about that.

By the way, book 8, the final in the series, is also very close to completion, but it will likely come out during summer vacation.

Thanks for your patience. I’m still thinking about you . . .

6 thoughts on “When’s Book 7 coming? Umm . . .

  1. Good to hear from you. You are making GREAT choices!
    Busily waiting. 🙂
    What does a Teddy Bear and a Turkey have in common?
    Their both stuffed! 🙂


    • Ha! By the way, there are a ton of wild turkeys around where we live. I nearly hit a flock every morning at dawn. If I do, I’ll send one to you–stuffed.


    • Sorry. I use what CreateSpace considers standard–Times New Roman. I’m very limited in fonts; I have to use industry standards, otherwise, the formatting isn’t approved. And if I use a larger font, the book’s bigger and therefore more expensive to print. (Publishing houses have different requirements, but self-publishers, not so much.)
      In digital formats, fonts can be altered and increased. That’s about the only advantage to digital, I think!


  2. As disappointed as I am that I won’t yet be able to connect with Mahrree and the others, I do understand the demands of working full time, taking care of family of still trying to live your passion. We will all exercise some patience because I just know it will be worth the wait. God’s speed my dear.


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