Map of Edge

Map of Edge

Want a closer look? Click on either of the maps to open them in a new page, then zoom in and around to see what all those little lines and tiny words actually say.

To the right is a map of Edge, and below is a map of the World.

Map of the World

Map of the World

2 thoughts on “Maps

  1. Love your books. It’s kinda frightening to know we are so much like these people. Couldn’t agree more with you about our candidates. Good job speaking up! We LDS women need to do that more often.


    • Thank you, Melody!
      It’s hard to speak up, though, because quite often we get knocked down, mocked, and berated for our words. That’s happened to me a few times. But if we quit speaking up, who will do it for us? You’re right–it’s up to us.


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