Start Reading the Books!

(BOOK 6 IS RIGHT HERE! Still processing on other sites, but if you happened to find it here, well done. You can read the pdf format now! BOOK SIX: Flight of the Wounded Falcon, 6 Flight of the Wounded Falcon 2017, all rights reserved Patricia S Mercer)

Hey, wanna start reading the books? Here you go! All of these are in .pdf format and ARE COPYRIGHTED, so you may read and share but you may NOT profit from them. (I haven’t either, by the way).

BOOK ONE: The Forest at the Edge of the World, Click Here for the .pdf.

BOOK TWO: Soldier at the DoorCLICK HERE for the .pdf.

BOOK THREE: The Mansions of Idumea, CLICK HERE for the .pdf.

BOOK FOUR: Falcon in the Barn, CLICK HERE for the .pdf.

BOOK FIVE: Safety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti, CLICK HERE for the .pdf.

*All five books are also available at Amazon in both Kindle or e-reader format, and paperback. 

Book 1 COMPLETE Kindle upload Book 1 BACK COVER COMPLETEForest at the Edge of the World

Available as a Kindle format for only $2.99 on Amazon  Should be cheaper than this!
And here’s the print version of book 1 for $10.95 (and usually cheaper through Amazon).

Book 2 COMPLETE Kindle uploadfront Book 2 COMPLETE back cover

Here’s the Kindle format for $2.99 on Amazon. Should be cheaper, if not free!
And here’s the print version of book 2, on Amazon for $12.95!

Book 3 Front Cover Edition2Book 3 Back Cover Complete edition2

 Click here for Kindle version of book 3, only $2.99 (should be cheaper, if not free!), and click here for the paperback version, $14.95 (but Amazon almost always has a cheaper deal on it).

Book 4 Front Cover Book 4 Back Cover

Here’s the Kindle version of book 4, on $2.99 (Should be cheaper, if not free!), and click here for the paperback version on Amazon for $15.99.

Book 5 FRONT COVER kindle Book 5 Back Cover FIXED

Here’s the Kindle version (priced $.99 or less), the Smashwords link (FREE!), and the paperback version ($13.50).

Freely given, freely shared.

Creative Commons License

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. This means that you are free to share this work online, or print it for your own use, but you may not change the book in any way through additions, deletions or alterations, or imply you have written any of the text, or anything else of that nature. You may also not profit from this book in any manner.

4 thoughts on “Start Reading the Books!

  1. Beautiful tale of world, and faith and peoples. I loved every book of the series and I hardly wait for the fifth one. When is scheduled to appear?
    Keeping an eye wide opened 🙂


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