Book 7 Teaser: The best beginning, the ones who change the future

There’s the notion of the family-changers, the cycle-breakers, the ones who look at a long line of behavior and/or abuses and decide, “This is not a legacy I will continue. My children’s lives will be markedly different than mine.”

It’s the realization that just because you were treated one way doesn’t mean you have to perpetuate that behavior. It doesn’t matter what your parents, siblings, or grandparents do; you can choose something better. You don’t have to resort to the feeble excuse of, “Well, that’s how my father/mother/sibling treated me!”

You can be something much more.

You can change the future for those who follow. 

Those are the most awe-inspiring people I’ve ever met, those who won’t allow the filth to continue one generation further.

And those are also some of the happiest people I’ve ever met.

“Versa,” Peto said, “you are like a filter. All the filth the Thornes possessed, you’ve cleaned from the water. Their influences can go no further than you. Your mother says you’re like the general, but you’re nothing like him. You’re strong and solid in ways he’ll never be but wishes he were. The destruction of the Thorne line ends with you and your sister Delia. Your mother ended the muck of the Snyd line herself. Your descendants will look to you as the best beginning, as the women who changed their futures.”

Versa scoffed. “Rector Shin, you Salemites are far too optimistic.”

“I grew up in the world, Versa,” he reminded her. “I still possess a great deal of its cynicism, but not about you. You belong in Salem.”

~Book 7, The Soldier in the Middle of the World, coming October 2017 (Or at least I’m doing the best I can to get it ready. Suddenly teaching school full-time and coming up with lessons nightly has taken all but a few minutes of every day. But this book is rumbling in the background, and I’m working on formatting it in random moments here and there as quickly as possible, because Book 7 is impatient, clawing to break free, and it’s beginning to hurt.)


2 thoughts on “Book 7 Teaser: The best beginning, the ones who change the future

  1. Trish, Remember! “You can have everything, just not all at one time. ”
    We, your devoted readers, have learned much around these books. And one of the many things that stands out is, don’t let the desires of the world get in between you and Gods will.
    Easy to say, hard to do.
    As far as I’m concerned, your worth the wait.

    The holidays are fast approaching, the year is nearing it’s end. Even the amount of Sun light is waning. Things seem just a little more hectic and yet I feel a joyous enthusiasm building in me.

    “What do you call a coat that is on fire?” A Blazer!
    “Why was the little ghost looking for the bathroom?” It had to go Boo-boo!

    Spread Humor and Happiness, Porter

    Gods big gift to me was access to an experimental surgery on September the 8th, 2017. I was the first person in my state to receive the device. On September the 22, 2017. They activated it and for the first time this year I felt warm. Blood was finally flowing to my extremities and I have an appetite. I am filled with gratitude.


    • Porter, I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better! Amazing how important such necessities like an appetite are. God’s watching out for you, that’s for sure.
      My mother had a LOT of blazers. I’m so sad I didn’t know this one to use on her. She would have rolled her eyes at me, too.

      Thank you so much for saying I’m worth the wait. Melts my heart. (Nice and warm, like your blood. It’s nearing Halloween–we can be a bit gruesome this time of year, right?)


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