Book 6 teaser–Only the bravest pursue the truth

We’re past the day when we can trust the media and public figures to give us the truth. The world isn’t interested in accuracy; it’s interested in self-promotion.

More and more, those who seek the truth will find themselves in solitary pursuits, but what better cause could there be?


3 thoughts on “Book 6 teaser–Only the bravest pursue the truth

    • Does it seem to you this has come upon us rapidly, or is that just me? I feel like we’re racing downhill in a quick hurry. We’ve known this would be coming, but suddenly we’re in the thick of it.


      • Goodness, yes!
        I think it’s a mix of two things; God spurring an awakening in the minds of those who search for truth and answers, as well as the blatant and hurried downward spiral of society as we see it.
        It’s frightening and (almost) exciting at the same time, depending on which side you find yourself in…


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