Free downloads for Christmas! (And yes, book 4 is coming . . .)

I know I’ve been quiet, but I’ve been working. Now that one of my jobs is over, I’ve got time to be noisy again. (My apologies in advance.)

duck dynasty

Really, America–we can do better than this for Christmas. Such as . . . free books!

I’m excited to announce that FREE KINDLE DOWNLOADS are coming back, just in time for Christmas shopping. So you can give a friend/loved one/sort-of-tolerated relative THREE books for FREE . . . and they’ll never, ever know the great deal you got.
(Unless they happen to come to my blog, read some past posts, put two and seven together and think, “Hey, wait a minute . . . !” Then they won’t feel so badly that their gift to you was a Duck Dynasty Chia Pet Head.)

I’ll post the dates for the free downloads here within the next couple of days.

As for more good news, Book 4: Falcon in the Barn, IS COMING! It should be ready early spring 2015. I’m back to editing, and once my beta readers give me the green light (green . . . green . . . my mind’s on green. Sorry, but I can’t seem to stop looking at Willie’s green beard. Think that’s what’d it look like after a week of no bathing?) Anyway, Book 4 will be out in a few months, and I’ll release it with another free book promotion.

Merry Christmas, and pass the ranch dressing, because Willie’s beard is giving me a craving for salad. GIVE FREE BOOKS INSTEAD!

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