Free prequel today and tomorrow! A book that entertains AND makes you hungry (sorry).

Thank you for downloading the FREE PREQUEL! Several hundred copies have already flown through cyberspace, and since digital downloads can’t “sell out” you can get as many copies as you want. Great as a gift or to introduce someone to the series. Only Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 7 and 8!

prequel free download

Here’s the kind of mixed metaphors you can expect in a book that will not only entertain but also make you hungry. (Probably not the best combination, but oh well.)

Pmetaphor running away

What readers are saying:

“The Walls in the Middle of Idumea is a great prequel and supplement to the rest of the Forest at the Edge series. Trish Mercer is still one of my favourite authors, with her skill for weaving humour, sadness, truth and hope together to create an incredible story. This book works perfectly on its own, but I also really enjoyed the references to characters that become a big part of the rest of the series.”

“. . . like all the books in this series it is entertaining, uplifting, and wholesome. There’s an actual story and it manages to be compelling without anything graphic. Highly recommend all of her books.”

“Pere Shin was a fascinating and, yes, a flawed protagonist. He sensed that a grievous wrong was perpetuating in the mansion and took the steps that his heart and gut feelings pressed upon him. Integrity wins.”

It’s free right now–get it!

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