Book 8 IS COMING THIS SUMMER! (I promise, really–just hang in there, friends)


Sorry I can’t be more specific with the date. I need to finish this year of teaching in June.
Then prep for and teach three weeks of summer school.
Then move into our fourth house in just one year (a personal best [worst] for number of moves for us).
Then finish editing Book 8 (all of my beta readers have now sent me their suggestions).
THEN publish and get this into your hands before school starts again in September. (Writing is a hobby, as you might have figured out, and not my full-time job. I squeeze it in when I have spare moments.)

I hope you’ll feel this last installment was worth the wait.

(If not, remember that you probably picked it up for free, so I’ll give you your money back.)

7 thoughts on “Book 8 IS COMING THIS SUMMER! (I promise, really–just hang in there, friends)

  1. I can hardly wait for this book to come out. Will be watching Amazon for it. I have the other 7 books on my kindle. I guess it’s time to read through them again so I’ll be prepared when book 8 comes out.


  2. I totally Agree.. There is so many stories in there that are not yet told. For many of them I was like “What happened to (insert name here / the family name), to lead up to this moment?”


  3. Lek and Lorixania, Perrin and Mahrree’s ancestors, have an interesting story to tell, and we’ve got to get that out, too!


  4. However long it takes, I cannot wait! Take your time, because I don’t really want it to end… 🙂


    • But I’m also planning a prequel, and some short stories, so it’s not really the “end.”
      I don’t think I can ever fully “end” this series. It’s too much a part of my life. Be like chopping off an arm–just can’t do it.


      • Yesss this is the best news! There are many many maby characters who need to have their stories told.


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