FREE .pdf file of Book 7: The Soldier in the Middle of the World–available now!

Book 7 FRONT coverAs with my previous book, Book 7 is HERE now, for free, available as a .pdf. Click right here for the page that will give you the link. 

Why do I do this, give away my books for free? As I’ve written before when I published Book 5, Safety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti, I feel I was given this series, like a rough blueprint, along with a pile of supplies, and told to “Go for it.”

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a clumsy builder, but writing and rewriting has brought such joy, and I want to share it. I don’t want a few bucks to come in the way of someone accessing it, and while the paperbacks cost a bit, I literally do not make anything from them. The prices are set to the barest minimum I’m allowed to set them to.

Years ago the phrase, “Freely given, freely shared,” came to me, and this blueprint and supplies were “freely given” to me by our Creator. I feel He wants me to “freely share” these books with you.  If you’ve read Book 5, you know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’ve put in a ton of labor for about eight years, but I’ve been compensated in other ways, if not monetarily.

No, I’m not independently wealthy. My husband and I are both in education and we have nine kids. Do the math. It’s dismal.

But this series hasn’t been about making money–it’s about sharing an idea that can improve our world for everyone.  

So share freely and get the word out: “There’s this slightly mad woman giving away her books. Snatch them up, quick, before she comes to her senses!” (No worry there; I’ve never come to my senses. I have no idea where they are, and they aren’t too worried about looking for me, either.)

2 thoughts on “FREE .pdf file of Book 7: The Soldier in the Middle of the World–available now!

  1. Excited to see you have put out the next installment of this series. Hope you are all doing well in spite of the weather.
    Thanks to God and science I am still in this world. Though now I am part machine. Sounds weird but there it is. I have a medical device implanted inside me that sends a constant signal to my brain via my Barrel receptor in my carotid artery to keep my heart beating. (Told you it was weird.)
    Started reading your books while I was in the hospital for the month of March and over the months while I have been healing and adjusting to my new world. Can’t thank you enough for the escape into The Edge.
    PS- 5 out of 4 Americans can not do fractions. 🙂 🙂
    Reason why Fed-Ex and UPS can’t merge. They’d be called Fed-Up. 🙂
    Make a nice day!


    • EVERY time, Porter–every time you slay me!
      Two, two dad jokes this time.
      Man, I’m so glad you’re still around, even if you’re slowly turning into Darth Vader. I sure do need you!


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