Book 5 Cover Reveal!

Book 5 Front Cover

Woo-hoo! One huge step down, about a dozen more to go until I can launch Book 5: Safety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti.

It WILL be out before May is over. I don’t yet dare set a date because then the Anxiety Gods see that number and take it as a challenge to thoroughly undo me before then.

But I’m deep into final edits and formatting which, because there are three completely different platforms for print and ebooks, with each taking about 10 hours for someone technically-disabled such as myself to properly format, means I need lots of chocolate chips to get me through and I’m trying to give up sugar right now. Yeah, I chose a bad time for that.

But it WILL get done!

In the meantime, thanks again to my oldest son for standing in for the cover, even though he and his siblings keep saying, “What did you do to him? It’s Teagan, but it’s not Teagan.”

“I know,” I tell them. “Because now he’s Peto.”


That’s when I remember they haven’t bothered to read the books. If it doesn’t have a Star Wars character on the cover (Happy May the Fourth everyone!) they won’t touch it.

(For my next book cover, I’ll put a Wookiee in the background so it’ll trick my family into reading it. Actually, a Wookiee would fit pretty good on this cover . . . I think I need to do a bit more photoshopping.)

6 thoughts on “Book 5 Cover Reveal!

  1. Sending happy thoughts your way! I hope things go as planned . . . for your sake. I am excited for this book! Thank you for sharing your story with us.


  2. I can’t wait! And the cover looks amazing!
    My sisters name is also Teagan. It’s not a name you hear often. Do your other children have unique names as well?


    • We started trying to give our kids unique names, beginning with our oldest, Madison. Back when she was born, NO one was naming their daughters Madison. Then, ten years later, it became the #1 name. The names Tess and Jarek are still pretty uncommon, but with our younger kids we kinda gave up being creative.


  3. This is wonderful news! So excited! And when I first saw that picture and you mentioned “grey eyes” I knew right away that it had to be Peto! Thank you so much for the goodies you sent…I was so happy to get them!


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