Book 5 teaser–The Creator, criticism, and thinking twice

I’ve had several readers ask about Book 5, Safety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti and I’m pleased to report that yes–it’s coming along well. I can’t devote as many hours to it as I wished each day, because I have five kids at home–half of whom I homeschool (work out that math)–and a side business I run on Etsy, so I have to try to strike a balance. If I could just learn to not sleep, progress would be much faster.

But because I’m so excited about this book, I’ve decided to give you a teaser each week in the form of a line or two from the story. Here’s the first, which I’ve learned from personal experience:

High Polish Tatra mountains

(At least half my trials come to me this way. I’m slowly catching on to keep my mouth shut.)

2 thoughts on “Book 5 teaser–The Creator, criticism, and thinking twice

  1. I had no idea what book one was about, I found it on my Amazon account and chose to read it. I really liked, so I got book 2, I liked it even more, as I was reading I kept thinking this is LDS truths, she must be an LDS author. By the end of book 3 I loved the books, and read book 4, and I was like she left me hanging, and no book 5. Today I called my daughter in Idaho and told her she should read these books, as I was looking online in Amazon and reading stuff to her, she asked who the author was, as she is familiar with a lot of LDS authors, but she had never heard of Trish Mercer, so I clicked on the name and found out more and the best part is information about book 5, so happy. I love the stories, and the people, and the concept of staying with and believing in our religion and not following the rapid changes of the world. I told her she should have my granddaughter aslo read them, she loves to read, she is 15. I am also going to have my two granddaughters in Reno look at the books, and hope they will read them too. Their is also a grandson who lives in Reno as well. My daughter their mother died 10 years ago from cancer, and their fathers parents have guardianship over them it has been a trial for 10 long years.
    Anyway thank you for such great books.
    Mary Jean Talmadge


    • What wonderful words! Thank you so much! Comments like this make my whole week. I’m glad you found me. Unfortunately I’m pretty bad at promoting my books, so not a lot of people know about me.

      Thank you for getting the word out to your family. If you subscribe to this website, you’ll get updates as to when Book 5 is coming out. I’ve got a draft out to beta readers right now, and I’m working on the cover and map, so hopefully by May it’ll be ready to go.

      Have a wonderful day, and thank you again for writing!


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