The “Thank you for Being a Grown-up” campaign

Enough of hearing about people who act like children. Let’s start recognizing people who act like grown-ups!

Recently I wrote about being a better Grown-up (yes, with a capital G), and that got me thinking: there are people who I look up to and admire, and it’s time that they know that.

These are folks who take responsibility for their lives—no excuses; they do the right thing, especially when it’s hard; they make their corner of the world better for everyone in it.

These are the people I want my children to emulate, and who I hope to be like when I fully Grow up.

So I’m instituting a campaign, and you’re welcome to participate. Each week identify someone who displays Grown-upness, and show them gratitude by copying and pasting the sign below on their Facebook or Twitter feed. 
Thank you for being a grownup

(Suitable for printing out and taping onto a refrigerator.)

This could be for:

  • the friend who tried to right a wrong, or admitted they had made a mistake;
  • an acquaintance who defended a belief with with kindness and civility;
  • the teacher/coach/tutor who goes the extra mile with your child;
  • the teenager/neighbor who shoveled your walk without being asked, and without being paid;
  • the relative who’s always been a source of strength for you;
  • a coworker, mentor, or former teacher who inspires you.

You get the idea.

Maybe you want to tell this person what they did to earn your appreciation, or maybe you want to keep their deeds a secret. It’s up to you.

We need to draw attention to positive behavior, for the sake of our rising generation.  Our kids need to know who they can look up to: REAL people. (Not famous twits.)

There are lots of real Grown-ups out there, but they don’t get enough attention.

(Hint–real Grown-ups don’t take offense at every little thing, they don’t complain endlessly, they don’t expect others to rescue them from their poor choices, and don’t need someone else to police their every action.)

So let’s give them the attention they deserve! Let’s emphasize positive behavior, give others hope, and show our kids how real Grown-ups behave. (No, you don’t have to have kids to participate.)

It doesn’t cost you a thing, but may reward everyone in ways we can never count.

Thank you for being a grownup

(Go ahead–copy and paste wherever you wish. I’ve got millions of these.)

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