When the world is out to get you, who in the world do you trust?

Captain Perrin Shin, assigned to village Edge of the World, is out to do more than command the new fort. He’s determined to uncover the mystery of the Guarders: where they live, why they attack, and what they want. Suspiciously, none of their behavior has ever made sense.

Mahrree Peto, a teacher in Edge, is also growing suspicious. Of the Administrators who promise to eradicate the Guarders, and of the arrogant captain they sent to protect Edge. It’s hard to know who to trust.

The most powerful man in the world is also fascinated by trust, and precisely what it takes to destroy it. He’s looking for research subjects, and up in Edge a brash captain and a nosy teacher have caught his attention.

Let the experiment begin.

Welcome to the forest at the Edge of the World! 
Twice each week I’ll post new chapters free for anyone to read. Check on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS for new material. You can also:

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