“The Falcon in the Barn” is here, and so are free magnets!

Here it is! Live and available on Amazon for $2.99. Just click below:

Book 4 Front Cover

The paperback will also be available by this weekend for $15.99. (And, in a few more days, here as a full .pdf under “Start Reading the Books!”)

And to thank you for your patience and support, I’ve got a freebie for once! Magnets!

magnet chairman stamp red stamped flattened

Each measure 2 inches by 3 inches. Not big enough to cover your entire fridge, sorry. magnet army black flattened

(This is the extent of my marketing techniques; revel in it.)


I HAVE to get ice creaml The Army of Idumea requires it!

I’m the practical sort, always needing new magnets for important messages on my fridge, and thought it’d be fun to have the Administrators or the Army of Idumea reminding me that I needed bread.

I’ve got several pairs to give away–you get one of each–and all you have to do is let me know. Fill out the contact form below telling me “Want magnets!” and I’ll get them into the mail to the first 20 people requesting them. 

Look how stylish they are on my fridge. They can be on yours, too. 033


And now, to get to work on Book 5 . . .


New cover for “Mansions,” and here’s the cover for “Falcon in the Barn”!

Not only do I get to present to you the new cover (will be available on Amazon in the next 24 hours) for Book 3, The Mansions of Idumea . . .

Book 3 Front Cover Edition2

(I’m so grateful my family doesn’t mind dressing up. The best part is, we’re such a nerdy family that we already owned the costumes and many of the props.)

Book 3 Back Cover Complete edition2

(I wished I had doors like this in real life. But mine are painted metal. From Lowe’s. So unromantic.)

. . . but here’s also Book 4!

Book 4 Front Cover

(I won’t tell you how many pictures of barns I took looking for just the right one. Fortunately I live in an old farming community with plenty of subjects. Can you see the cat?)

Book 4 Back Cover

(A marvelous fire we got to experience in Yellowstone in 2013 provided these fantastic clouds. Yes, fires can be marvelous.)

I’ve had far too much fun playing with colors and images these past few months. I’ve never pretended to be a professional anything: not a writer, and certainly not a graphic designer, as is likely obvious. But creating these books has been a pure joy and absolute delight. Deciding to develop new covers as vivid and lively as I dared was just the next step in my all-consuming hobby. I’m immensely blessed that my family tolerates me and my little obsessions. My husband especially has been a good sport, even if not a natural actor.

“So what do you want me to do? Just stand here? How about I put my hand on my hip? I can scowl. Wanna see a scowl? Should I point? Like in baseball, that’s where the ball’s going . . . Why not? You want more emotion? What’s that supposed to mean? Dammit, Jim–I’m a doctor, not a soldier! How was that? Are you about done? Why are you laughing? What? You need me to dress up again?! I think you’re doing this on purpose . . .”

(Most of the time I was waiting for him to close his mouth so I could take the pictures. He also gets very chatty when it’s time for family portraits. Rarely do we get a picture with his lips together. Yes, I think my husband’s adorable . . . and I’m not just writing that because I’ll need him to pose again for the next book!)

The actual book will be release FRIDAY, MAY 29 on Amazon and also here! Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s ready to fly . . .

YES! Book 4 will be here MAY 29th!

The Falcon in the Barn will soon be available on Amazon, and here with teasers!

And here’s a teaser already. I’m making new covers for all of my books (again, also soon to be released), and this photo below will be part of The Falcon in the Barn’s cover.


test cover book 4dragan

(Gives me goose bumps!)

I’m so grateful for all the props and bits neighbors and friends have lent me. (Although my son still on a Mormon mission doesn’t yet know I’ve raided his costume crate; he’s home in four weeks and will figure it out then when he sees the mess I made of his boxes.) I also discovered the joys of fiverr.com and the graphic artists who made me some awesome labels, such as the Idumea one you can see in the photo. (The artist is from Italy; I love how we can share so globally!)

In fact, that label above and another (created by an artist in Singapore) will be part of a little giveaway I’ll be hosting later this month with the book release. (Gosh, I almost sound like a professional, don’t I?)

In the meantime, please forgive me, dear friends, for so many delays, but as I wrote before, life got in the way. I’ve not only been working part-time, but another little side hobby of mine on Etsy took off the past couple of months, giving us some very needed income.  (Shockingly, writing has NOT paid off all my bills yet.)

Geek Nerd Clock

If you need help understanding the references, I can give you hints.

People have been requesting some clever modifications, too. My favorite is, “Check the Marauder’s Map.”








If you’ve seen these clocks on websites–and I still need to thank those who posted them–yes, I’m the Nerd Clock maker and the Harry Potter maker.  (Shockingly, these HAVE been paying the bills . . .)

But when I’ve packaged all my orders for the evening, I settle down to my computer to edit another few chapters of Perrin and Mahrree and everyone, and soon they’ll be here. So watch for updates, and thanks for your patience!