Book 4, “Falcon in the Barn” Chapters 1 and 2 are here in audiobook format!

Moving right along to the next book. I love this book, but the first few chapters are painful.

Warning for anyone who has dealt with PTSD. The first few chapters deal a lot with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My mother suffered from PTSD because of what she endured as a teenager during WWII in Germany. She lost her home, most of her family: some kidnapped to Russia and killed there (one a teenage cousin), then others interred in work camps in Poland and starving before they were rescued (another young teenaged cousin). Then she was a refugee and starving when she was 18, and was never able to go home to her family again. Naturally, her mental health suffered for the rest of her life. She didn’t trust therapy and also refused to believe she needed it. Denial and paranoia were her constant companions.

I studied PTSD as an adult, trying to understand some of what she was going through (and what I went through as a child because of her distress).

I was startled to discover this suddenly affecting Perrin, but I shouldn’t have been. Writing these chapters was surprisingly painful, then cathartic, and ultimately healing. I only wish my mom could have experienced this before she passed away.

But I believe God has a way of healing all wounds. Time isn’t a hindrance to Him.

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