Audiobook Chapters 14 and 15 of “The Mansions of Idumea” here!

Here’s the truth about life: nothing will ever change except we, as individuals, decide to change it.

Waiting for the government to make things right will never happen. (Governments are notorious for making things wrong in the first place.)

Waiting for someone else to step up and lead usually means we sit wasting time.

Waiting for someone to order you to do fix something only leaves us feeling resentful at being told what to do.

The ONLY thing that changes the world are individuals who decide, on their own (and inspired by Above, I believe) to do something for someone else.

Help that person who is suffering. Quietly donate more cash to that family or victim or grieving person than is comfortable for you, because they are in greater discomfort than you. Take the time to listen, to fix, to make, to love.

Stop thinking about yourself, and lose yourself in the service of others.

(Does anyone really believe any government can do any of that?)

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