There’s always another option, such as building Zion.

You don’t have to align with one political group or another.
There is always another option.

We can leave it all.
We can choose to separate ourselves from the world.
It’s time to Build Zion.

For over forty years, every since I was a child and my father told me about Enoch and Zion, that it “fled” but would return–and that we could help build it here on earth again–I’ve been slightly obsessed with the idea. So much so that I wrote a nine-volume book series about it. (And am now working on a prequel series–I just can’t leave it alone.)

I think it’s finally time to leave the world and actively look for ways to build Zion, and I’m open to your suggestions and ideas on how to do so.
First, I believe we need to pull ourselves out of these current conflicts, especially here in America:

  • Choose not be sucked in by any political party’s contention (and it is a choice to step away).
  • Stay objective and out of all fights. (Peace is gone, and we can’t “force” it back with violence.)
  • Turn off the news and unfollow all those who incite anger and who choose to be willfully ignorant, on all sides.
  • Choose instead to feel compassion for everyone, in every situation. (It’s much easier to do that when you’re not watching them say and behave in ungodly ways.)
  • Cultivate a charitable heart, so that we can be “one” with others. Pray to God to soften your heart towards everyone. (He will. He’s done it for me many, many times, because I’m a slow learner.)

18 And the Lord called his people aZion, because they were of bone heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness;

Moses 7:18

Tell me how you cultivate peace in your heart in these times. Let’s figure out how to start building Zion now.

7 thoughts on “There’s always another option, such as building Zion.

  1. Building Zion now is our little family’s deepest desire! We would pack up and go in a heartbeat. The problem comes in finding like-minded people to join in, because it cannot be done alone.

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    • I think we build Zion in our own little corner of the world. Maybe in a blog post like this one, we can find a little community of like-minded people.

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      • I’d love that! I want as much input and ideas as we can gather to help everyone understand what it means to build Zion. I think we’re still piecing it together.

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  2. I see now that you are not necessarily saying to ignore politics. I will admit that I try to avoid it as much as possible. I still think it’s important to listen with an open heart to people.


  3. I think that you’ve nailed it. That is a wonderful way to build unity. However, in this complex world we can’t afford to completely ignore politics. I think it’s important for good people to get involved, although in the current climate I fear for those good people. We can make a choice among the various options without all the fuss. It’s possible. Many people made very difficult choices in this election just past and I honor them for their courage.

    The thing to do is reject the rhetoric that one side has all the virtue and the other side has all the evil. Drop the expectation that one side is completely right and listen to the other side with an open mind. Listen to hear why the person you are talking to believes x, y or z is the best course. If all they do is bash the other side than disengage. I have found a few good trustworthy sources of info.

    I think that it’s critically important to understand the view point of all sides. If all you do is dismiss what people think as evil you will miss the opportunity to come to see and understand their needs. And if you don’t see their needs How can you minister to them?


    • I totally agree that we should try to understand everyone’s point of view. I love the statement (maybe Aristotle or Plato?) that the mark of an intelligent person is to entertain any thought, but not necessarily agree with it.
      We have to know our friends as well as our “enemies” in order to work with them and help them. When we get closer to the “other” side we quite often realize what we’ve been led to believe is merely caricature, not reality, and the reality is a lot easier to love and appreciate than the gross exaggerations.

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