Send me your favorite lines from ANY of the books and I’ll send you a new bookmark (eventually)

What are you favorite lines from the Forest at the Edge book series? I need them! To meme them!

Now that I’m teaching high school full-time again, I don’t have the luxury of blogging to draw attention to my book series. Then I had an idea: Let the books sell themselves. Why not just publish lines or segments of dialogue a couple times a week on social media?

So in my spare time I’ve been glancing through my books trying to find lines that I think are intriguing or memorable, but honestly I don’t know what is intriguing or memorable.

That’s where I’d appreciate your help: Send me lines from ANY of the books that YOU like, and I’ll put them in a meme. I figure: you’re a reader, so you’ll know what will draw in other readers and get them interested. (I’m a genius, I know.)

So respond to this posting, or go to my Contact Me page and send me an email of lines I should meme. If I get organized, I’m going to make new bookmarks and send you one as a thank you by Christmas. (That’s the dream–it may be spring, who knows.)

I might post memes in order of the books–what do you think? For example, below is the first meme I’ve made. Should I go in order? Or should I throw out memes from all the books in any old order?

King Oren killing squad name change

I’d also like to thank you for your reviews of Book 8, The Last Day. Your reviews are helping the series get more exposure, and I really appreciate that!

So send me your lines, your opinions, your ideas, and (eventually) I’ll send you a bookmark as a thank you!

2 thoughts on “Send me your favorite lines from ANY of the books and I’ll send you a new bookmark (eventually)

  1. I quickly looked through some notes I had saved while reading the books, and I’ll copy them in below. Some were inspirational, some insightful and very relevant to our current state of living, some were so beautifully written that I couldn’t help but highlight them. My personal favourite in reading back this little list is the description of Hogal and his (lack of) possessions. It made me want to read more about his story one day 🙂

    “It was as if seeing a bird stopped ludicrously in midflight, hanging impossibly in the air, and wondering if it would fall to the ground or eventually, miraculously, suddenly fly again…”

    “Give too much, people stop taking care of themselves. Just like thinking. Give them all the answers, especially the wrong ones, then don’t allow them to think about possibilities or debate those answers, and people stop questioning, thinking, fixing, innovating…”

    “‘Please, sit down, Colonel.’ The rector pointed to the stuffed chair that was older than Perrin. Clean, but certainly the almost-last possession of a man who had the habit of giving nearly everything away.”

    “When you’re in a pit, you intuitively look up for a light; that instinct is from the Creator. The compulsion to slump to the ground and weep at the dirt walls was from the Refuser.”

    “The government didn’t want an intelligent population, just an obedient one. When too many people become independent thinkers, the elite has no more sway over them. You can’t manipulate people who know how to think for themselves.”

    “There are many in the world who feel disaffected by it. It no longer reflects their beliefs or hopes. They’re alone and lost, and looking for something more. The Creator plants in all of us a seed of hope. Some people let it die. Some deliberately crush it. Some let others destroy it. But there are those who protect it and help it grow. They know something more is out there and they look for it.”

    “They couldn’t conceive of any other kind of life than what they lived. They had no imagination. The world had seen to that, years ago. Destroy their imagination, you destroy their ability to imagine something better.”

    “I had to learn to rely on the Creator. Self-reliance is an illusion that makes us so confident in ourselves that we’re confident we don’t even need Him. Once I got over that arrogance, every trial was far easier to endure.”


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