BOOK 8 “The Last Day” IS HERE!!! The final installment of “The Forest at the Edge” series

We made it, friends, to The Last Day!

But what is “The Last Day”? No one’s sure. Young Pere is finally on his way home, albeit with Lemuel Thorne prodding him along with a sword. Shem and Peto are trying to get everyone to the ancient temple site before General Thorne’s army arrives, but not everyone wants to go. A Deliverer is supposed to save the Salemites, a Destroyer is supposed to take care of the army, but they haven’t shown up yet. Mahrree’s become more stubborn than ever insisting on waiting for Perrin, and in the middle of everything Versula Thorne–Lemuel’s oldest daughter–thinks she can stop him. Are you ready?!

Clocking in at about 750 pages, this should keep you occupied for a few hours. You can get it in three ways:

1: Amazon download–priced at $.99, that’s .001 of a penny per page and tons of Kindle-gripping worry and finger-swiping adventure to end your summer right.

2: You can click here to read the entire thing as a pdf. on this website. Once again, I’m offering my book in a free format because I feel this story was “given” to me freely so I want to “share” it freely–literally. I will always offer all my books for free on my website because I’m merely a scribe for a much more creative Creator.

3: Good old-fashioned paperback, priced at $16.95 . It should be available later this week (always takes a few days to pop up on Amazon). Personally I love the feel of paper in my hands, and yes, ALL of my books have a paper component.

Boxed Sets?

I’ve had a number of readers ask for this, and I don’t know how to offer it. All of the books can be purchased as paperbacks, and I’ve designed the covers to have a uniform feel so they line up nicely on the shelf.


(These are my “proof” copies, and the last two books still have all my notes sticking out. I showed Book 7’s notes to my students last year to demonstrate how with even half of dozen proofreaders, errors still show up in the printed copy.)

But as for an actual box to put them in? I haven’t yet found an online source that can do it for me.

So I may just have to order boxes, cut and tape them to the right size, decorate them myself, and send them out to you if you purchase all eight books and ask me for a box. Hey, at least each box will be unique and a potential collector’s item, right? I’m still working on the design, but markers will surely play a part in it.

And maybe some stickers from the dollar store.

I’m all about quality.


Share this with your friends, let me know what you think of the ending, and be assured that I’m already working on preliminary notes for the prequel. It may be “the last day,” but the story is far from over.

9 thoughts on “BOOK 8 “The Last Day” IS HERE!!! The final installment of “The Forest at the Edge” series

  1. With life being what it is, while I did get the final book and read it as soon as it was available.

    I never got around to commenting here to congratulate you on it and give my feedback.

    What an awesome finale to the series.

    It broke my heart in The Soldier in the Middle of the World, when Perrin passed… (whoops, Spoilers), and every time Young Pere almost broke free of the worlds chains, but kept on being dragged back.

    I must say this this as well, certainly had me teary eyed in a number of places. And the hint at the end of Lemuel’s eventual redemption hit the right spot for me (as you know I was always a fan of Lemuel and felt that with the slightest bit of encouragement he could have been a great man himself.)

    Congratulations on a fine series, and I don’t know how you could ever top this, or even if you would want to.


    • Thank you, Doug! I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you’re doing. Glad you were able to get the last book, and I’m glad it met your expectations.
      As I’ve said before, this wasn’t really my story, but one that I was allowed to tell. I don’t think I could top it, either, unless another story is given to me.
      Right now, classes of 10th graders have been given to me, and that’s where my focus is. But I do have prequels running around in my brain, and someday I hope they can break out.


  2. After I read the first one I was hooked. I very rarely purchase books(I like the free ones) but this time was different. The parallel to today’s world and that of “the world” is spot on. I wanted to see what happened next and what the conversations that kind of hung out there were all about. I am glad that I kept on reading and purchasing all eight books because the wild ride and all the action kept me wondering what was going to happen next. WOW what a marvelous sequence of the story unfolding. The message of hope that if we keep the faith, no matter what, is very inspiring. The characters of Maharee and Perrin are very loveable from the time of their first “debate”. I was so happy to see them live on in the lives of their ancestors. Thank you Trish, for a wonderful story. (I also rarely leave reviews, also).


    • Thank you so much! You’ve made my whole week. So glad the story resonated with you, and I so appreciate you leaving me a review!


  3. This last installment had me bawling from vover to cover! Some sad tears, mostly good. The way it’s written has a way of getting under your skin in the most amazing way. I couldn’t put it down!! I don’t know what I’m going to do without perrin and mahrree in my life (other than read it again!) Wonderful job ❤


    • Thank you so much for telling me you liked it! I’ve been over here worrying about feedback, hoping people would be all right with how everyone’s story ties up. Everyone has their own ideas how things should go, and you hope to bring in some surprises but also leave everyone satisfied.


  4. I’m so excited! But admit…this being the last of the original saga gives my heart a pang of regret. But…I must find out how it ends! I love these books and am so invested in all the characters. They are like “family” (or in some cases: enemies) to me. Such a mix of emotions now. If you do offer a “box set” (with or without a box) will you offer any sort of discount on the paper books if bought all together? Love your writing….onward!


    • I don’t get much say in how much the paperbacks sell for. I price them at exactly what CreateSpace requires me to. They cost so much because there are so many pages. I literally can’t price them any lower, unfortunately.


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