Book 5 teaser–Embrace hugging only figuratively

High Polish Tatra mountains

Just give us a warning first, please

I’m not entirely sure why some people are huggers and others aren’t.

For the record, I’m not a hugger. Embracing someone else creates an intimacy that makes me very uncomfortable. I guess it’s because I don’t know what it means. I have some extended family who hug all the time, and when I’m around them I brace for impact.

I’m not that big of a hugger with my kids, either. When they’re little, sure—lots of cuddles. But when they get bigger, something changes and we quit. When I pick up my kids from the airport after they’ve been gone for a long time, we have to negotiate that hug because it’s not natural. Same when my kids go back to college. We do the hug, and it’s an awkward sight, I’m sure. I show affection through attention, talking, food, service, but not hugging.

So when less intimate acquaintances move in for that embrace, I panic. What do you want?! What does this mean?! What level of friendship do you require of me now?! Why are you touching me?!

If you’re a hugger, can you help Perrin and I understand why? Seriously, we have no idea what it means . . .


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2 thoughts on “Book 5 teaser–Embrace hugging only figuratively

  1. I am a hugger. I don’t know if it was the way I was brought up (also with tons of cuddles as a kid) or because it’s one of my favourite ways to show someone how I feel about them.
    I tend to squeeze quite hard and hang on for a second longer than usual, too. And if I really love the person then I get uncontrollably close to them, like I’m trying to impart pieces or waves of love from my side to theirs through any available contact. It’s ridiculous, I know. 🙂


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