The Concludinator: can’t really fight him–A Really Bad Book

Here’s a riveting excerpt, from the baddest book you don’t want to miss:

His name was the Concludinator. He came from some distant place that really wasn’t a distant place but more like a distant time and reality, but really from there.

No one liked him, because he made dead people.

First they were alive. He didn’t do that part. He just made them dead. And no one was sure why, but it was some vengeful thing and he’d show up and say things in a creepy voice.

“You vill die today,” he said.

And then the person would just die. Sometimes with lots of blood and stuff. Sometimes they’d just fall down scared to death because this creepy man with lights for eyes and a big body that was weirdly shaped told them, “You vill die today,” he said.

Can’t really fight that.

You know you want a copy. Get it now, only $1.99. Leave a really bad review.

really bad book cover

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