Thank you, 2 more recipes from Hycymum, and free magnets

Free downloads last weekend went great! Thank you for spreading the word. I’ve heard from a lot of new readers, and that’s always exciting.

Hycymum’s also been busy with me in the kitchen, and we’ve figured out Banana Bread (gluten free, dairy free, and fat free), and Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten free, egg free, dairy free). Click on the recipes to go to the site.

banana bread sliced chocolate chip cookie

Why did I not know before that you can replace eggs with good old cornstarch and water?! I feel like the world has been keeping this a secret from me, but now I need to bake everything one more time with cornstarch/water and see how it goes. So far the cookies were a huge and happy surprise!

033Remember, if you want the magnets, I need you to PLEASE send me your address. I won’t use your address for anything else but the magnets, I promise. I’ve had a few requests but I don’t know where to send them.

In the form below, tell me you WANT MAGNETS and GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS in the “comment” box. Thank you!

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