New book covers for “Forest” and “Soldier”

While I was making the cover for Book Four, Falcon in the Barn, I had ideas for the previous three books. I’m still fine-tuning covers for Mansions and Falcon, but I couldn’t wait any longer to launch the cover redos for the first two books. They’re now live on Amazon for both the Kindle and Paperback versions! Click on the images on the left to link you straight to Amazon. In the meantime, here are some larger versions:

Book 1:

Book 1 COMPLETE Kindle uploadBook 1 BACK COVER COMPLETEForest at the Edge of the World

And book two:

Book 2 COMPLETE Kindle uploadfront Book 2 COMPLETE back cover


Book 4 is still set to release Friday, May 29, and some further tweaks to the website and a little freebie offer will be coming as well. Stay tuned!

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