BRAG Medallion Honoree

Ahhh, thanks guys! This is cool. Look what they did to the cover of my first book–slapped a big, happy gold sticker on it! This means I’m a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree.


(There’s a sticker there. Big. Gold. Shiny. Yeah, that one.)


Indie B.R.A.G. (which stands for Book Readers Appreciation Group) will also send me some real life, actual golden stickers, presumably for my books, but I have a better plan.

My kids never knew the joy of having a teacher (be it Kindergarten or Sunday School) lick a star sticker (always with too much lick) and press it too hard on their foreheads. For some reason that fell out of fashion after the 1970s. But I always appreciated those little acknowledgements that recognized that for a few hours I was a good girl that mostly sat still in her chair and didn’t stick too many things in the ears of the boys next to her.

So when my stickers come in the mail, I’m going put a few on my forehead and proudly walk around the house and maybe even around the neighborhood.

My kids are gonna be so jealous.

Thanks, indieB.R.A.G.!

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