Book 3–The Mansions of Idumea–is here!

It’s alive! 

(Love seeing those words from Amazon.)
Book 3: The Mansions of Idumea is available on Kindle ($2.99) AND in print ($14.95).

Mansions of Idumea Front Cover

(So pleased with how this cover turned out. I didn’t realize I’d photographed the sun until I downloaded my pictures and this one blinded me on my computer screen.)

Mansions of Idumea BACK cover only

(I love that supporting column. And the angles. And the words.)

And yes–FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD days are coming: April 28-30, and May 5-6. And even better–ALL THREE BOOKS will be available for free download those five days.

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your neighbors! Tell complete strangers! Tell everyone!
(Oh dear; my earlier exclamation mark malady has returned. Just too excited. I need to calm down and go find my old bottles of valium now . . . so I can use them as mini-maracas and celebrate!)

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