Book 5 Teaser–I take comfort in my delusions!

An acquaintance once accused me of being "delusional" because of my religious convictions. They didn't mesh with his beliefs, therefore I was wrong. But as I thought about all that I believed, I realized it gave me immense comfort and hope. Without that, I'd crumble and die. So here's my philosophy: Perhaps what I believe is … Continue reading Book 5 Teaser–I take comfort in my delusions!

Supporting Religious Freedom, everywhere

(I recently updated my About page to reflect what's below, but I feel so strongly about this that I wanted to share it here as well.) Astronomers estimate there are 160 billion (yes, with a “b”) alien planets in the universe. I assert that God created all of them, the entire universe, and that we’re not … Continue reading Supporting Religious Freedom, everywhere