“Meme Fail” Part 2–worst advice anywhere

I love memes--I really do. Even if my first post (Read Part One here) about memes suggests otherwise. I savor the combination of font, photo, and philosophy all distilled into one quick nugget. Some are fabulous, like this one: The text doesn't have to be confined to 140 characters or less, even though politicians, Hollywood-types, … Continue reading “Meme Fail” Part 2–worst advice anywhere

“Meme-fail” The world’s worst advice, available everywhere.

You’ve heard of “Pinfail”?  Pinterest items that look oh so good, but work out oh so bad? That’s because everyone has a fancy camera and access to photoshop. Check out my experience this morning. On the left is what these banana oatmeal cookies are supposed to look like (since when does baked banana look yellow?!). … Continue reading “Meme-fail” The world’s worst advice, available everywhere.