Book 7 Teaser: Why we’re so susceptible to fake news

Because we don’t want to think. That’s so like, boring. <insert eye-roll>

We don’t want to study, to research, to ponder, to analyze–we just want to be fed so that we can get back to playing and being entertained, as quickly as possible.

Give us easy information, sensational too, because we love to be entertained.


weekly meme dumb sheep

And we’ll follow whoever makes life the easiest and most entertaining for us.

Which is why we’re running headlong into big trouble.

Anyone remember ancient Rome, the bread and circuses?

That’s what I was afraid of.

(By the way, that book 7 I keep promising? It’s so close I can taste it when I lick my laptop. Um, maybe you didn’t need to know that detail . . . sorry.)