A student is raising a hand: brace yourself!

Students raising their hands during class? I used to think that was a good thing . . . for the first week of teaching. Since then I've discovered that what they say will be as relevant as dandruff shampoo is to Medusa. We may be in the middle of comparing propaganda during WWII to modern … Continue reading A student is raising a hand: brace yourself!

Books? Thinking? Are those “lit”?

["Lit," by the way, is the trendy way to say "cool," or "neato, daddio." Just typing that last one is totally notĀ "lit".] These lines are what I hopeĀ none of my students will ever say about my class: These lines are also why I often read out loud to them, because even though they're 10th graders, … Continue reading Books? Thinking? Are those “lit”?