Recipes of Hycymum

She’s got her own page! Gluten free baking with Hycymum! Click below to go there:

NEW header HycymumFLATTENED

All gluten free, some fat free, some dairy free, and even a few veggie sneak recipes will be cropping up here. Hycymum’s been in my head for months now, helping me convert my favorite recipes into edible bits that won’t make me or my children sick.

Some gluten free baking is, granted, nasty. But I promise none of these recipes will cause this reaction:

Mom and cake

My own dear “mum.” She shared some of the best traits with Hycymum, including a love of polka dots and a discriminating palate. I picture her reaction to GF baking would have been similar to this, so everything I bake I imagine her tasting first. If she’d pull this face, the recipe won’t appear, I promise.

Click here to get this recipe, and to watch for more in the future: Nearly Guilt-free Brownies.


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