Leader-servants and presidential candidates

When someone requires service, it’s fascinating to see who steps up to provide it. Quite often, it’s not who you’d expect. Some years ago my husband and I were in charge of setting up and serving Christmas dinner for our ward (church group, congregation). We anticipated a good turnout, about 150 people, both members and … Continue reading Leader-servants and presidential candidates

Book 5 Teaser–Sneaky Creator

I realized long ago that God is the ultimate plot developer. One of my favorite quotes is an old Jewish saying: "Tell G-d your plans, because He needs a good laugh." I think this is why so many of us experience plot twists in our lives. And while I'd grumble about those twists, always--always--I'd thank … Continue reading Book 5 Teaser–Sneaky Creator

Not a midlife crisis–just black licorice on quinoa

No, I wasn’t having a midlife crisis. Someone in my church asked me to do this. Really. Ok, not dress exactly like this, but as something "unrecognizable." It’s a group activity called “Where’s Waldo,” and ten adults from our church group (called a ward) were asked to dress up and hang out in the local … Continue reading Not a midlife crisis–just black licorice on quinoa