Grammar Snobs

I’ve had acquaintances confess they fear writing to me because they worry I’ll be like this: But I’m not. As a long-time college writing instructor and occasional professional editor (and occasional maker of mistakes myself), I assure my friends that I never correct one’s grammar unless they’re paying me. Because I refuse to be a … Continue reading Grammar Snobs

Don’t Play the World’s Games

Perrin didn’t feel like playing any games tonight, and he wasn’t interested in establishing himself in the colonel pecking order. He never was one for my-brass-is-shinier-than-your-brass.  ~Mansions of Idumea, Book Three: Forest at the Edge Series I’m not a gamer. Some games I really despise, like Monopoly.  I HATE Monopoly. Maybe it’s because I inherently detest spending … Continue reading Don’t Play the World’s Games